Bottle 1 Blue/Deep Magenta

Bottle 1
Blue/Deep Magenta

Deep within we each know ourselves far better than any health professional. Colour helps us access this deep inner knowing which is beyond the conscious mind. In choosing our colours we access this deep level and raise our self- awareness. In applying our remedy colour we energise and bring harmony to our being for wellness on all levels.

Blue and Deep Magenta colour combination
acts as a pain killer:

  • An 80 year old fell down the stairs while exiting the plane on her overseas trip to the UK. She applied this remedy oil to all parts of her body that were affected. As a result, she had no bruising, or aches and was able to continue her planned activities pain free.
  • A 3 year old child on falling and badly damaging his shin. On applying this colour combination essence, his screams immediately stopped, and by morning there was no bruising, and the swelling had gone.
  • A small child woke crying with earache and his mother put a few drops of this oil into his ear. He immediately stopped crying, went to sleep and his ear ache did not return when he awoke.

Blue Colour:

Deep Magenta Colour:

Calms the mind

Harmonises all the energy centres (Chakras)

Helps depression, discontent, emptiness

Helps align the Physical with the Spiritual

Helps self expression

Natures painkiller

Eases headaches

For overactive conditions

Helps bring sleep

Has colours from both ends of the spectrum

Brings peace