Colour for Life

Academy of Heading Arts, Waiheke IslandLearn this powerful Colour Therapy using kinesiology and colour to provide powerful shifts in consciousness and healing on all levels of our Being.

Colour for Life Courses are International Kinesiology College certified and recognised worldwide.

Every cell and organ in our body resonates to a colour, our emotions and thoughts radiate out as different colours. On a soul level we are a vibration of colour- our spiritual and personality qualities are reflected in our colours. Colour for Life apples colour via the Unicorn essences which harmonise and revitalise different aspects of our physical body and energy field.

Deep within we each know ourselves far better than any health professional. Colour helps us access this deep inner knowing which is beyond the conscious mind. In choosing and applying our colours we can access this deep level, raise our self- awareness, and bring harmony to our Being.

This deep part of us knows our true path in life, our needs and our gifts. Use Colour Therapy to discover and align to your purpose in life, helping you to handle stresses in your life, and remain in an harmonious state.

Unicorn essences combine herbs, essential oils, aroma, crystals, platonic solids, stellar energies  and phonics, magnifying these colour resonances – a trans-formative tool using nature’s colour.

Unicorn was developed in Australia by Antony Cooper, and is widely used in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and USA.

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  • Colour therapy can improve your energy.
  • Colour therapy can soothe emotions.
  • Colour therapy can help you discover and align you to your purpose in life.

Qualifications available in Colour for Life

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Colour For Life. Consultant

Colour for Life Instructor

Registered with Academy of Healing Arts,


Colour for Life Level 1

In this introduction to colour therapy you will learn how to use colour as a counselling tool and powerful remedy, to create harmony in life. Each colour relates to different emotions, to different aspects of the physical body, and to our deeper spiritual purpose in life.

Selected colour combinations are interpreted to reveal underlying issues in one’s life, and the answers or response from deep inner knowing.

Colour For Life Level 1 –  International Kinesiology College Certified

  • Unicorn Colour Essences
  • Personal colour selections
  • Colour Counselling – consultation process
  • Colour symbology
  • Interpreting the chosen colours
  • Determining the remedy
  • Application of Aura Light remedies
  • Chakra Lights and their use
Colour for Life Level 2

In Level 2 Colour for Life you will learn more in depth interpretations of colour. Understand how patterns of selected colours reveal the deep inner response of a person. This powerful understanding creates wonderful insights and awareness, helping us deal successfully with issues in our life, and raises our consciousness.

Colour For Life Level 2 –  International Kinesiology College Certified

  • Unicorn colour essences
  • Complementary colours
  • Predominant colours
  • Colour progression in a consultation
  • In-depth study of colours
  • Rays of Light
  • Consultation procedures
  • Applying remedies
Colour for Life Level 3

The Academy of Healing Arts Colour for Life level 3 course will give you a deeper understanding of the spiritual meanings of colour. Discover insights through the correlation of numerology to the colour combinations. Study the Revealed Master set of Unicorn bottles and how their finer vibration brings harmony to higher levels of our being. More about Colour Therapy.

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Colour For Life Level 3 –  International Kinesiology College Certified

  • Numerology and Colour
  • Crystals and colour
  • Chakra related Colours and Essences – 12 chakras on higher frequency levels
  • Add Light for help with Addictions and Trauma
  • Higher colour frequency Essences – Spiritual Master Bottles
  • Increasing intuition
  • Advanced Consultations
  • Applying remedies
Colour for Life Consultant and Teacher Training Workshop

Colour for Life Training Workshop qualifies Colour for Life Consultants and Instructors.
To consult with the Public or teach Colour for Life with the Academy of Healing Arts it is

  • Necessary to have current First Aid Certificate
  • recommended to have industry insurance.

Training Workshop Prerequisite:

  • Colour for Life Levels 1-3 and workbooks.1-3


Colour For Life Training Workshop

This 5-day program is designed to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate proficiency, and be evaluated for competency using Unicorn Colour Therapy techniques in accordance with standard requirements for practice.

  • This qualification is required to become a Colour for Life Consultant and Teacher
  • Successful students will be eligible to become colour consultants and teachers
  • Nationally Registered with Academy of Healing Arts.
  • Successful students will be eligible to become Colour for Life Consultants and/or Instructors Registered with Academy of Healing Arts

Course Content:

  • Review colour therapy concepts taught in levels 1-3
  • Demonstrate your proficiency at Colour Consultations and
  • Presentations of Colour for Life course content.


I was hoping to learn and experience more about the colours within an accepting environment, where learning was encouraged on many levels. This I got- plus, plus. The course deepened my awareness of the layers the colours act on, increased my knowledge of the traits of colours, and let me gain some experience in giving a consultation. I would recommend this course. Catherine is a lovely teacher – gentle, and ensuring everything is covered in a supportive learning environment. Anyone interested in the many layers of colour therapy would love it.

KJ, Dunedin

I like starting the day with protection, dedication and meditation and ending the day with applications of the wonderful bottles of colour by another human. Experiential, and the knowledge is delivered experientially as well. I would recommend the course to others – a well structured course about interesting knowledge, taught by an experienced, generous teacher with good group skills.

CS, Dunedin