About Academy of Healing Arts

The Academy of Healing Arts  has a structured training program bringing students through to become consultants and/or teachers in Colour Therapy and Kinesiology. The organisation provides an umbrella under which Consultants and Teachers of Soul Power Kinesiology,  Colour for Life (colour therapy) and Touch for Health Kinesiology can practice. Catherine North and her husband John established the Academy of Healing Arts as a training facility.

Now set on Waiheke Island,the Academy operates as a training organisation for all levels of natural therapy.

Catherine, since 1985, has taught classes at many venues around New Zealand and overseas.

Kuaka  (The Godwit)  flies heroic distances, towards the light, using magnetic fields and collective consciousness, assisted by the group formations, symbolic of the Academy’s teachings.

Academy of Healing Arts Ltd     www.aha.org.nz
Principal Teacher:
Catherine North
Email:     catherine@aha.co.nz
Phone:    +64 27 860 7788