Erik’s Essences Workshops

Erik's Essences Workshops

• Butterfly Essences
• Sea Essences
• Dolphin & Whale Essences
• God & Goddess Elixirs

Erik’s Essences are pure Love from Divine Mother and Divine Father. They are energized directly by each Being in the Hierarchy of Light, who is responsible for that particular energy within Creation. They contain pure life energy at it’s optimal potency in an Essence form. Erik Pelham creates these essences by spiritually communicating with the Divine & Spirit and invoking the energies of nature.

  • Butterfly Essences
    The Butterfly essences are Divine Colour energies at their original resonance, and they have the power to transform many aspects of our lives to greater quality and well-being.
  • Sea Essences
    The Sea essences help and harmonize many levels of relationships with others as well as in ourselves, and connect with sea creatures.
  • Dolphin and Whale Essences
    The Dolphin and Whale essences are great supportive energies to help us in many, many ways and they are key energies along the Sea essences to blend and utilize all other essences.
  • Goddess Elixirs
    The Goddess Elixirs are a wonderful new product which contain the Being Energies of seven Goddesses from the Divine Planes, as well as a ‘cocktail’ of other Vibrational and Divine energies to bring greater quality, wellbeing, meaning and purpose to our lives.


The Erik’s Essences Workshops offer opportunities to learn about the ‘Energy’ of these essences co-created by Erik Pelham and how to use the energies of nature and spirit through these essences to help us and others to:

  • Open and raise our awareness to aid us to live with the greatest degree of well-being and best quality of our lives
  • Enhance the feminine and masculine qualities to allow deep personal transformation and cleansing
  • Strengthen the connection to the pure Divine Love for emotional repair of deep issues
  • Raise the light vibrations to create unity and harmony of all Beings

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Erik’s Essences helps to:

  • Open your awareness & enhance the feminine & masculine qualities
  • Connect to the pure divine love
  • Raise the light vibrations to create unity of all beings