Erik’s Essenses Workshop

Goddess Elixirs, Dolphin & Whale Essences, Butterflies and Celestial Angels

4 Days Workshop

Erik's Essenses Workshop, Academy of Heading Arts, Waiheke Island
Open your awareness, enhance the feminine qualities to allow deep personal and earth cleansing. Connect to the pure Divine Love for emotional repair of deep issues.

Raise the light vibrations to create unity of all Beings, co-operation, and coring, with vitality, strength, harmony.

Discover how to work with energies of nature and spirit, using essences co-created by Erik Pelham.

Enhance your connection to Goddess energy, the Celestial Angels, the Seraphim and Cherubim Angels who work in co-operation with earth’s dolphins, wholes, and butterfly solar energies to heal ourselves and the planet.

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Erik Pelham’s Essences helps to:

  • Open your awareness & enhance the feminine qualities
  • Connect to the pure divine love
  • Raise the light vibrations to create unity of all beings