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Hi to you all.Alesha Smith

My name is Alesha. I have been in beauty therapy for the past thirteen years. Through my work I have developed a passion for making people feel good, while I enjoy making people feel good on the outside, I am also passionate about helping people find their confidence within their own inner beauty. This led me to open my own clinic Vital Balance Body and Beauty, where our mission is to inspire inner health and outer beauty.

In my time as a therapist I have dealt with a variety of people and seen them through a lot of life challenges and often many of my clients have asked if I was also a counselor. From here my passion has grown into spiritual work and learning that we need a helping hand on all levels of our being, spiritual, physical, mental,emotional, structural and biochemical.

I have trained as a Reiki Master Teacher and am very grateful for this amazing healing energy and the fact I can teach it to others. I am also and energy kinesiologist and teacher of a wonderful modality called Soul Power which is a combination of Kinesiology, energy healing and colour therapy. Of late I have also added Touch for Health Kinesiology to my knowledge.

I give clients these treatments from my clinic and also run courses in learning some of these wonderful techniques. If you are interested in learning or receiving a treatment don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also check out my Facebook page to see other treatments I offer at the clinic.

Peace love and happiness


Registered Natural Therapies Practitioner/ Certified Kinesiologist

Kinesiology is a gentle, holistic technique combining western and eastern therapeutic principles. Tapping into your body’s energetic field, which at times can be disrupted resulting in physical, mental or emotional disharmony.

Colour for Life Consultant and Teacher

Colour therapy can help you discover and align you to your purpose in life by using the Unicorn Colour Therapy system, helping you to handle stresses in your life by keeping you in a harmonious state.

Soul Power and Energy Kinesiology Consultant and Teacher

Soul therapy is able to help you find your own inner beauty, inner confidence, and self-realisation by developing a powerful aura of who you are.

Touch for Health Consultant

Experience vitality and emotional wellbeing with Touch for Health Kinesiology. Each muscle in the body relates to an organ, an acuputure meridian, certain emotions, and has specific needs. By testing these muscles I can identify energy imbalances and create balance through reflex stimulation, meridian energy work, emotional stress release, or nutrition.

Body and Beauty Therapist

As a trained beauty therapist I offer a range of beauty treatments for men and women these include Waxing, Facial Treatment, Manicures, Pedicures, Electrolysis, Red Vein Treatment, Facial Tintings, Make Up, Spray Tanning, Micro Pigmentation, Specialist Massages, and Body Wraps. I also offer beauty therapy training and am currently working on a series of You Tube clips which will be focused around beauty therapy training.

Vital Balance Body and Beauty Clinic

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Hamilton 3214

Phone  (07) 855 2665
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