Diane Rosenberg




Diane Rosenberg

Diane lives in Tauranga at her rural property where she holds clinic and teaches students.

My clinic focuses on facilitating natural healthy solutions for all ages. I have been involved with natural therapies since 2000 and have developed my skills and knowledge over this time also working in the field of nutrition in the last 12 years. My hope is to encourage self awareness for our own health & to pass on any knowledge with the view to assist my clients find a holistic approach. I believe that a lot of our health issues can be identified and worked through with Kinesiology and Colour awareness.

I have been able to support my clients in many ways:
in dealing with stress, loss of vitality, pain, food allergies, goal setting, life changes, menopause, learning difficulties, emotional trauma, insomnia, skin issues, digestive problems, Candida ,spiritual reconnection and much more.

 Qualifications :

  • Registered Natural Therapies Practitioner in Kinesiology and Colour Therapy NHPNZ
  • Certified Kinesiologist KANZ


Teacher and Consultant in

  • Touch for Health
  • Soul Power Kinesiology
  • Unicorn Colour therapy, Colour for Life



7 Merriman Place
Pyes Pa
Tauranga 3112

Phone: 07 578 6113

Mobile: 021 172 4624

Email:  diane@replenish.co.nz

Website: www.replenish.co.nz


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