Fiona Ross

New Plymouth

Fiona RossBorn in Scotland…moved to New Plymouth with her Scottish husband and 2 children 18 years ago.

Fiona originally qualified and worked as a midwife but also worked in the fitness industry teaching freelance classes.

Now Fiona and her husband Allan, own 2 gyms in New Plymouth (Rampage Fitness) where Fiona also runs a successful personal training business.

Fiona and a physio colleague co-produced ‘The Core and the Floor’ DVD to benefit women regain their Pelvic Floor and core strength post pregnancy and appeared on several episodes of the TV show Good Morning promoting this.

Fiona has been a vegetarian for over 29 years and is passionate about living life positively and finding a balance in all areas of her life.

Fiona enjoys yoga,running,walking, mountain biking, water skiing, resistance/weight training and golf.

Fiona’s first introduction to Colour therapy/Kinesiology/Naturopathy was about 8 years ago and this quote sums it all up…”The mind becomes clear and serene when the qualities of the Heart are cultivated”…I knew then I needed to know more and to add ‘Colour Therapy’ into the mix with my clients…

Colour For Life Consultant and Teacher

I believe that Colour Therapy is a very simple tool to assist you in living and creating a life you love. It is very gentle and non-invasive yet powerful way to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Working with clients on a daily basis and on a very physical level…Fiona soon realised that with some clients the aches and pains felt on the physical level were being manifested from an unspoken emotional issue or problem…

Did you know that Motivation is fueled by the beliefs you have about yourself? Do you have the ability and willingness to make some changes in your life to create true happiness and find your true self?

Colour surrounds us on a daily basis in nature, and appeals to anyone at any age…Colour can nourish(your soul) and motivate you and assist the body in its unique way to heal itself.

I believe Colour Therapy is part of ‘New Age Healing’…however it has been around for thousands of years…Ancient colour therapies were practised in the temples of Egypt and Greece treating illness and disease….COLOUR/LIGHT GIVES LIFE TO EVERYTHING THAT LIVES…FROM PLANTS TO PEOPLE….

LIVE LIFE IN COLOUR…acknowledge the inner knowing and don’t hesitate to find out how colour can help you…COLOUR YOUR WORLD

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New Plymouth

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