Revolutionary way of thinkingAfter  a dramatic diving accident, Charles Krebs was left unable to walk, talk or move, from Type 2 bends and was diagnosed a quadriplegic. He fought determinedly to regain his physical and mental abilities, using all of his immense will power, creative visualization, his knowledge of Ch’i, and meditation.

The big “breakthrough” came through a friend making an appointment for him with Dr Bruce Dewe. This was his introduction to Kinesiology.

By the fifth month of rehabilitation he had progressed to two arm crutches, and was getting better at balancing himself.  By the sixth month he was on two walking canes, and able to walk out of the hospital.

Charles studied kinesiology further with Dr Bruce Dewe, and did intensive study with Richard Utt in Tuscon Arizona.  During his study with Richard he came to realize that ‘nerve damage’ could well be described as nerves having activated a ‘circuit breaker’, and that such circuit breakers are not so much in the physical body, rather, they are located in the energetic body.

Reactivation of the energetic body can thus explain many miraculous cases where people have recovered from serious neurological injuries, including brain damage to regain full function.

You can read more of Charles’ story in his book “A Revolutionary Way of Thinking” by Dr Charles Krebs and Jenny Brown.

“Charles Krebs shows that whatever the obstacles, it is possible to repair the essentially intelligent design of the human body and mind to regain an equal place in life.”  Dr John F Thie, founder of Touch for Health.

For wellness, Touch for Health Kinesiology, the basic kinesiology training, and Soul Power Kinesiology which uses Kinesiology with the energetic “blueprint” of the physical body, are both taught by Academy of Healing Arts teachers in many centres around New Zealand. See for times and places of courses.