TFH Training Workshop 
Consultant and Instructor  ONLINE Training

with Catherine North


Part 1: August 19-21
Part 2: September 19-20
Part 3: October 17-18

TFH Training Workshop 2020

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9-days Required Training for TFH Instructor, TFH Consultant and Registered TFH Kinesilogy Practitioner


  • Revitalise your Touch for Health knowledge and enthusiasm for Touch for Health
  • Become confident and competent in presenting yourself professionally
  • Qualify as an Instructor in Touch for Health
  • Empower others to become active in their own health care
  • Increase your earnings by teaching/practising Touch for Health

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TFH Instructor Continuing Education 2020


August 27 – 28 – ONLINE via Zoom


9.30am – 3.30pm


TFH Instructor Continuing Education 2020

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  • Special Continuing Education fee $380
  • Fee includes 3 years TFH Instructor Registration with the IKC (value $110)
  • Manuals for Basic and Advanced Intern courses provided
  • Teaching format for Basic and Advanced Intern courses provided.
  • Free transportation to and from the Wharf on Waiheke and the class venue

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Soul Power Intern Courses 2020
Waiheke Island

Soul Power BASIC

with Catherine North

Dates:  June 13 – 14 2020        Special Price $395



with Catherine North

Dates:  when at Covid Level 1
Special Price
$395 basic Intern    $395 Advanced



Soul Power Intern Course 2020

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Catherine North (Principle Teacher of Academy of Healing Arts) has developed a Soul Power Intern course which provides supervision for all Soul Power balances. This is a wonderful review for those of you who trained a number of years ago, and would like a refresher.

The Intern course is now a requirement for Soul Power Consultants and Teachers and will become part of the training required for Academy of Healing Arts Certified Colour Therapist and Kinesiologist qualification.

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Goddess Elixirs, Dolphin & Whale Essences, Butterflies and Celestial Angels Workshop


4-day workshop

Date: October 2020

Dolphins and Whales work directly with the Celestial Angels and other Divine Beings to serve life on earth

Open your awareness, enhance the feminine qualities to allow deep personal and earth cleansing.

Connect to the pure Divine Love for emotional repair of deep issues.

Raise the light vibrations to create unity of all Beings, co-operation, and coring, with vitality, strength, harmony.

Discover how to work with energies of nature and spirit, using essences co-created by Erik Pelham.

Enhance your connection to Goddess energy, the Celestial Angels, the Seraphim and Cherubim Angels who work in co-operation with earth’s dolphins, wholes, and butterfly solar energies to heal ourselves and the planet.

For Enrolment or any Enquiries, please contact:
Catherine North
Phone: 027 860 7788

INTERN Course for
Soul Power & Touch for Health

The NEW Intern courses in Soul Power Kinesiology and Touch for Health are designed to provide the following:

  • Intern Courses have supervised balances for all the techniques in Touch for Health or Soul Power Kinesiology.
  • The Intern course is now a prerequisite for Instructor/Consultant Training Workshop.
  • They will provide students with all the supervised balances required for Soul Power Practitioners, Touch for Health Consultants and Touch for Health Practitioners.
  • They provide a practical update and revision of Soul Power Kinesiology or Touch for Health for those who have not practiced for a period of time.
  • Instructors who attend the course with Faculty – Catherine North –  will qualify to teach Soul Power or Touch for Health Intern Course to their students.

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Turquoise Colour

Turquoise helps
To lift depression, anxiousness, negativity.
To accept and use life’s opportunities.
Creativity to achieve projects.

Massage a small amount of the coloured oils onto a chosen area of the body twice daily.

Look online  for more colour meanings..Click on the bottle.
Unicorn Colour essences have healing vibration of herbs, gems and vibrations from nature..

Learn colour healing. Colour for Life and Soul Power Kinesiology courses are taught  around New Zealand.

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