Touch for Health Training Workshop 2019 (Cambridge)

with Catherine North and Colleen Ryan


Part 1: November 6th-10th
Part 2: December 7th-8th
Part 3: 2020 TBA
  • Gain Touch for Health Instructor qualification
  • Requirement for Touch for Health Consultant qualification
  • International Kinesiology College Certification

To Enrol:

Contact Catherine North, Touch for Health Faculty NZ
Mobile: 027 860 7788

For All Enquiries:

Contact Colleen Ryan
Mobile: 0211 603 725

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Matthew Thie is back to New Zealand!

TFH Metaphor Workshops

5th – 8th October 2019

October 5-6 Touch for Health Metaphors and Goal Setting

October 7-8 Metaphor Training Workshop

Enrol NOW – Definitely going ahead on Waiheke Island – possibly the last time in NZ for years.

A rare opportunity to study with the co-originator of this modality, John Thie’s son.

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Touch for Health INTERN Courses

The NEW Intern courses in Soul Power Kinesiology and Touch for Health are designed to provide the following:

  •    Intern Courses have supervised balances for all the techniques in TFH or Soul Power Kinesiology.
  •    The Soul Power Intern course will now become a prerequisite for Soul Power Teachers.
  •     They will provide students with all the supervised balances required for Soul Power Practitioners,TFH Consultants and TFH Practitioners.
  •     They provide a practical update and revision  of Soul Power Kinesiology or Touch for Health for those who have not practised for a period of time.
  •     Instructors who attend the course with Faculty – Catherine North –  will qualify to teach Soul Power or TFH Intern Course to their students.
  •     Catherine North will hold TFH Intern (2-day) course as Instructor Update on  29-30 September in Wellington this year,
  • and will hold Soul Power INTERN course very shortly.

2019 Latest News!!!

Matthew Thie here in New Zealand teaching Touch for Health Metaphors

Matthew Thie will re-visit New Zealand Oct 2019
Put aside some time in October to study TFH Metaphors with Matthew Thie

Matthew Thie plans to visit New Zealand this year in October. Date and venue to be confirmed. This is a golden opportunity for all TFH Instructors and TFH students to experience the brilliance of Matthews teaching. .

Matthew will be teaching TFH Metaphor and Goal Setting ( 2 days) and Metaphor Training Workshop ( 2 days). Attending the full 4 days gives you a thorough understanding of how to use Metaphors to enhance your balances, and will qualify TFH Instructors to teach TFH Metaphor and Goal Setting ( 2 days).

Matthew worked closely all his life with his father John Thie, balancing, teaching and co-authoring TFH Complete Edition and TFH Metaphor books.. This is a chance to study under the person most experienced in John Thie’s work.

Bali International Kinesiology Conferencs and Faculty Retreat
The International Kinesiology College has the Touch for Health School of which Catherine is New Zealand Faculty. Faculty Retreats, are held every 2-4 years where new TFH ideas and innovations from around the world are introduced.

The 2019 IKC Conference is in Bali Indonesia, 19 – 21 October, with the TFH School Faculty Retreat being held prior. Catherine will be speaking at the Conference and plans to hold a post conference workshop in Colour for Life/ Soul Power Kinesiology which are now IKC certified courses.


Turquoise Colour

Turquoise helps
To lift depression, anxiousness, negativity.
To accept and use life’s opportunities.
Creativity to achieve projects.

Massage a small amount of the coloured oils onto a chosen area of the body twice daily.

Look online  for more colour meanings..Click on the bottle.
Unicorn Colour essences have healing vibration of herbs, gems and vibrations from nature..

Learn colour healing. Colour for Life and Soul Power Kinesiology courses are taught  around New Zealand.

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