Revealed Master St. John of God – Yellow/Pale Orange


Chakra alignment to accept defeats without withdrawing personal energies.


Key Notes

Chakra alignment to accept defeats without withdrawing personal energies.
Continuing to radiate energy in a positive way.
Bringing greater mental and emotional control
Improved metabolic activity
Taking control of our lives.
Clearing sensitive issues of personal power.
Will power.
Clearing programmed responses based on fear.
Greater mental and emotional control.
Helps the nervous and digestive systems.
Stimulates second (Sacral) chakra.  
Having awareness and expressing inner self.
Interaction with others in new experiences.
Emotional harmony in personal relationships.

Chakra Consciousness

Solar Plexus Chakra 3 – Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra Consciousness
Will power, the power to take charge of yourself and your world.
Asserting yourself with confidence and authority.  
Self esteem and self respect. Believing in yourself.
Assimilation – food, ideas, learning, prana
Storing and distribution of energy and life force.

Sacral Chakra 2 – Orange: Sacral Chakra Consciousness
Act with integrity within all relationships.
Everyone in our life plays a role essential to our development.  
To be open, flowing, flexible, and not become too fixed or rigid.
To enjoy yourself with friends, socialize, open up to other people.
To reach out to others and not be emotionally imbalanced or overwhelmed.  

Suggested Application : 2x daily

Unicorn Essences are massaged on to the body, working on cellular memory. Apply just below ribs to Solar Plexus area. Follow your intuition.

Shake the bottle vigorously until an emulsion is formed. Apply to the body in the chakra location as instructed by your Therapist or where you intuitively feel your body can most benefit. Or sprinkle a few drops in the bath and soak for 20 minutes.
N. B. During your use of the bottle, the colour or clarity of the oils often changes. This can indicate detoxification. As you improve in health, the oils will clear again.

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 15 × 45 × 65 mm

Mist Spray, Roll On