The Unicorn 2000 Colour System

Unicorn Colour Essences combine herbs, essential oils, aroma, crystals, platonic solids, stella energies and phonics, magnifting these colour resonances – a transformative tool using nature’s colour.

Unicorn essences can be  purchased from Colour for Life Ltd  0064 9 372 4166

Unicorn was developed in Australia by Antony Cooper over 20 years ago, and is widely used in in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and USA.

Unicorn harmonises and revitalises different aspects of our physical body and energy field. Every cell and organ in our body resonates to a colour, our emotions and thoughts radiate out as different colours. On a soul level we are a vibration of colour- our spiritual and personality qualities are reflected in our colours.

The Unicorn Colour Consultation system has:

  • 78 dual coloured Unicorn bottles – massage on the body
    Dual coloured bottles. A transformational tool, raising consciousness,addressing causes behind dis-ease
  • 12 dual coloured Revealed Master Bottles – massage on the body
    Dual coloured bottles of a higher frequency than Unicorn 2000, raising consciousness to higher spiritual levels
  • 12 Chakra Lights – evaporate into the aura
    Aromatic colour essences that stabilise and rebalance the Chakras
  • 12 Rays of Light – evaporate into the aura
    Aromatic colour essences aligning finer, more spiritual levels of our energy, through the Chakras
  • Other specific purpose essences