Bottle 6 – Red/Red


Life drive, activity, vitality, stimulation. The re-energiser and the basic energy for love.


Key Notes

Life drive, activity, vitality, stimulation.     
The re-energiser and the basic energy for love.     
Loving and being loved.     
Passion for life, for projects in life.     
The energy to stay on top of things.     
An intense person with an abundance of energy.     
Leader or pioneer, a hard worker.

Colour Meanings

Red Colour for life energy, circulation. Stimulates strength, vitality, libido. Stimulates passion in life. Success with material things. For grounding, earthing. For survival issues. To clear toxicity.

Chakra Consciousness

Base Chakra 1 – Red: Base Chakra Consciousness
Honour our families and all human communities.
Having one’s feet firmly on the ground.
Bringing visions down to earth, into structure and form.
Feeling secure, trusting the abundance of nature to supply our needs.
Taking a pride in our bodies, keeping them strong and healthy.

Suggested Application : 2x daily

Massage on body – Unicorn Essences work on the cellular level. Apply to lower abdomen or chosen area on legs or feet.

Shake the bottle vigorously until an emulsion is formed. Apply to the body in the chakra location as instructed by your Therapist or where you intuitively feel your body can most benefit. Or sprinkle a few drops in the bath and soak for 20 minutes.
N. B. During your use of the bottle, the colour or clarity of the oils often changes. This can indicate detoxification. As you improve in health, the oils will clear again.

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