Soul Power Kinesiology


Touch the power of your soul and connect to your spiritual knowing and guidance.

Soul Power combines the science of Kinesiology with the power of Energy Healing and the gentle vibrational healing of Colour Therapy to balance and harmonise the physical body, the mind and emotions, as well as the spirit, treating all levels of our being.

Courses include topics such as: kinesiology muscle monitoring, chakra balancing, colour remedies, spiritual attunement, aura balancing, polarity balancing, centering, meridian balancing, emotional stress release, Bach flower essences, Aotea Rose essences, gemstone healing, magnetic balancing, cranial balance, electrolyte balancing, clearing toxicity, energy balancing, and more…

Colour selections identify and treat the stressful issues which are most affecting you, and which of your qualities are needed to overcome these issues. The remedy colours will revitalise and rebalance the body, mind and spirit.

Kinesiology diagnoses how stresses are impacting on the body’s energy systems. Relieve the effects of stress. Energy healing techniques, along with the colour, balance and harmonise the physical body, the mind and emotions, as well as the spirit, treating all levels of our being.

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A healing modality for

  • inner confidence, self realisation, health and energy
  • identifying and stimulating personal qualities and inner resources
  • better handling of the stresses in your life
  • developing the powerful aura of who you are

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To become a Soul Power Consultant or Teacher

Soul Power etheric healing

Levels 1-7 will qualify you as a Soul Power Consultant. To consult with the Public it is necessary to register with Natural Health Practitioners NZ as a Student or Practitioner member.

Soul Power Kinesiology Teacher pre-requisites
Levels 1-7 Soul Power
Levels 1-4 Colour for Life
Levels 1-5 Touch for Health
Registration with Natural Health Practitioners NZ

Certified Kinesiologist /
NZ Registered Natural Therapies Practitioner

You will also need have a current First Aid certificate and complete an Anatomy & Physiology course

Basic Human Anatomycorrespondence course >>

Soul Power Kinesiology level 1

Learn how to use colour as a counselling tool and powerful remedy, to create harmony in life. Each colour relates to different emotions, to different aspects of the physical body, and to our deeper spiritual purpose in life. Selected colour combinations are interpreted to reveal underlying issues in one’s life, and the answers or response from deep inner knowing. Using kinesiology to enhance the colour therapy process.

Level One:  Colour for Life 1
  • Introduction to Kinesiology
  • Introduction to Colour Therapy
  • Colour Counselling – consultation process
  • Unicorn Personal Colour Selection
  • Colour symbology
  • Interpreting the chosen colours
  • Determining the colour remedy
  • Application of Unicorn colour remedies
  • Meatphysical healing techniques
  • Chakra Lights and their use

Soul Power Kinesiology level 2

In Level 2 Soul Power Kinesiology course you will learn how to work with the subtle energy of the body, using the skill of kinesiology and attuning to your inner guidance. The sacred geometry patterns of the aura are aligned with colourtherapy, including the chakras and other lines of energy. Consciousness is raised through interpretation of colour selections. Using kinesiology and colour therapy.

Soul Power Kinesiology course Level Two – The Earth-Soul Star Connection

2 Day Kinesiology Course Includes:

  • Accurate muscle monitoring/Kinesiology
  • Chakra balance
  • Energy Lines Balance
  • Introduction to consultation procedures
  • Personal consultation experience
  • Using kinesiology to personalise colour symbology
  • Using Kinesiology to determine appropriate colour remedies
  • Colour Therapy remedy applications
  • The use of  Chakra Lights and Rays of Light
  • Protect and clear energy fields

Soul Power Kinesiology level 3

In Level 3 Soul Power Kinesiology course you will work on the aura’s sacred geometric energy patterns in more depth . Learn how our whole body and nervous system functions with electo-magnetc energy.

Learn to balance the body polarity in Soul Power

Learn Magnetic Energy healing techniques and how to balance the body’s electrical polarity.  Energy healing using Unicorn colour essences.

Soul Power Kinesiology: Level Three

2-Day Kinesiology Course Includes:

  • Consultation procedures
  • Personal consultation experience
  • Subtle anatomy “Light Body” balance
  • Polarity balance- subtle energy healing
  • Massive Polarity reversals – sabotage
  • Magnetic balance
  • Centering
  • Electrolye Balance
  • Colour Therapy using Rays of Light essences in the aura

Soul Power Intern Basic Workshop

In Soul Power Intern Basic Workshop, you will…>/p>

Soul Power Kinesiology level 4

In Level 4 Soul Power you will learn in depth kinesiology skills to identify where the underlying stress is being held, and to identify what is required to correct that imbalance. Whether the imbalance is structural in the physical /or nutritional as a deficiency or sensitivity/ or in the personal lifestyle or ecology/ or an emotional cause/ or an electrical and nervous system imbalance/or spiritual cause . Using kinesiology, the cause and time of cause can be identified and this dealth with.

Soul Power: Level Four: The Multi-Dimensional Being

2-day Course Includes:

  • finger modes
  • age recession
  • Centering
  • Hyoid testing
  • Gait Testing
  • Cloacal testing
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Emotional Stress Release
  • Colour Issues
  • Chakra Issues
  • RNA
  • Grounding
  • Life Style Evaluation
  • Cranial Balance
  • Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)
  • Fixations
  • Light Body Balance with Healing Energy and colour

Soul Power Kinesiology level 5

In Level 5 you will explore using kinesiology with other virational remedies, exploring other flower essence systems and how to dispense them, meridian energy work, and crystals – all used in combination with colour.

Soul Power Kinesiology Level Five:
The Unseen Connection

2- day kinesiology course includes:

  • Pain techniques using kinesiolgy, energy and colour
  • Optimum preparation, completion and clearing in a consultation
  • Meridian Energy work with colour
  • The Doctrine of Signatures
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Aotea Rose Essences
  • Essentic Forms – the shape of emotions
  • Wounded Spirit
  • Maintaining energy fields clear
  • Introduction to crystals/gemstones
  • Crystal Layout
  • Balancing with kinesiology, crystals and colour

Soul Power Kinesiology level 6

Advanced kinesiology and healing techniques to develop and enhance a Natural Health Practice incorporating kinesiology and colour.

  • Muscle Monitor to ease pain using Etheric Energy Pain Techniques
  • Muscle Monitoring techniques to optimise the balancing process
  • Study Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian healing and transformation procedure
  • Muscle Monitoring to identify optimum protection for self and others energetically and with colour.
  • Muscle Monitor to attune spiritually to connect with inner wisdom
  • Muscle Monitor to cut energetic inappropriate ties with others
  • Using a protective force field for self or others
  • How to align energy using sound
  • How to Muscle Monitor various card sets for self awareness and consciousness raising
  • Muscle Monitor extra techniques for grounding and closing down energy appropriately

Soul Power Intern Basic Workshop

In Soul Power Intern Advanced Workshop, you will…>/p>

Soul Power Kinesiology Consultant and Teacher Training

Qualify as a Soul Power Kinesiology Consultant and Teacher. Registration with Natural Health Practitioners NZ as a  Practitioner (620 hours training) or Student member (if still completing training) gives you insurance cover as you work with the public. You can be promoted on Academy of Healing Arts website and the Academy Facebook page.

Share your Soul Power Kinesiology knowledge with others. Your classes will be listed on the Academy of Healing Arts website, and your students will be  certificated and registered with Academy of Healing Arts.

Soul Power Kinesiology Consultant and Instructor Training Requirements

Soul Power Kinesiology Consultant and Teacher pre-requisites

To become a Soul Power Consultant and Teacher of Levels 1-6 it is necessary to have completed the following training:
Levels 1-6 Soul Power
Consultant and Teacher Training 5 days
Levels 1-5 Touch for Health Proficiency
Registration with Natural Health Practitioners NZ as a student (if still completing 620 hours training) or Practitioner member (620 hours training required to qualify as a NHPNZ Practitioner member)




Certified Kinesiologist and Colour Therapist - Registered Natural Health Practitioner

Certified Kinesiologist and Colour Therapist
Registered Natural Therapies Practitioner

Qualify as a:
     Certified Kinesiologist and Colour Therapist  AHA
     Certified Energy Kinesiologist KANZ
     Registered Natural Therapies Practitioner NHPNZ

See our current Training Outline >>

Complete all of the following:

  • Soul Power Level 6
  • Colour for Life Level 3
  • Consultant and teacher training – Soul Power / Colour for Life
  • Touch for Health Level 6 – Training Workshop
    10 supervised balances
  • First Aid current certificate




TFH/Soul Power Kinesiology Case Studies

Following is an outline of the recommended requirements for case studies submitted to the TFH K Association or Academy of Healing Arts.

Marking fee $60
The marking will be done by a TFH K or Soul Power Assessor. On completion of your first case history send it to the Assessor to check that you are fulfilling the requirements.

 Ten case studies are required – a total of approximately 30 balances.
A case study will  follow a client through a series of balances, usually a minimum of three, though some may require fewer and some more.

  • Record notes during and/or immediately following each session.
  • Record initial history.
  • Note changes made by the client during the balances.
  • Use initials only to identify clients, not names. Obtain client’s permission to use details of their balances anonymously.

 Case Studies suggestions:

  1. Background information relating to the request for a balance.
  2. Record goals /desired outcomes. Evaluate goals using pre-tests.
  3. Client’s awareness of change. Their learning/ insights from the sessions. If in doubt, ask.
  4. Self observations about the client.
  5. Patterns emerging through the sessions.
  6. Self learning as a consultant from the sessions.
  7. Other relevant observations.
  8. Maintenance recommended – how does it relate to the goal?
  9. Time between sessions.
  10. How long changes made by the client lasted.


The quality and expertise of the teachers has in my view been outstanding, providing a range of healing techniques with high class practitioners generous in their approach. Catherine North, Kinesiologist and one of the most professional tutors I have known has been a huge help to me. Her dedication and integrity to present the best and most up to date material in a positive learning environment has been second to none.

Kinesiology has changed my life in many ways – firstly on a personal level it has helped me overcome many obstacles and challenges on a personal and professional scale. I have obtained more personal bests in my life in many areas such as dancing.

I feel I have gained more confidence in myself and have been able to let go of past regrets, problems and beliefs that may have been holding me back from achieving in my life now on all levels.

My vision is to share this self-help kinesiology and to make it available to as many people as possible so they too may can look after themselves and their families better.

I have commenced my own clinic in Cambridge and since 2005 and it has grown considerably. From being new to Cambridge and getting the Clinic off the ground and getting my work known in the community to now having a regular client base is very satisfying to me.

I enjoy learning and extending myself and my own personal self development as a human being. I hope to always be in a position whereby I can teach some of the healing arts with others and a huge part of this is due to the Academy of Healing Arts.

Colleen Ryan, Cambridge

The Soul Power Kinesiology course was wonderful!!!!!!! It met with all my expectations and beyond.
My intuition with people I associate with has been heightened. Since attending the course, I feel more relaxed, but still focussed on my dreams and aspirations.
Enlightenment… Tranquillity… Consciousness…
Go with an open mind and just absorb…
A fantastic course, beautifully presented.
Energy medicine is the way forward, from our forgotten past…

DH, Rotorua

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