TFH/Soul Power Kinesiology Case Studies

Following is an outline of the recommended requirements for case studies submitted to the TFH K Association or Academy of Healing Arts.

Marking fee $60
The marking will be done by a TFH K or Soul Power Assessor. On completion of your first case history send it to the Assessor to check that you are fulfilling the requirements.

 Ten case studies are required – a total of approximately 30 balances.
A case study will  follow a client through a series of balances, usually a minimum of three, though some may require fewer and some more.

  • Record notes during and/or immediately following each session.
  • Record initial history.
  • Note changes made by the client during the balances.
  • Use initials only to identify clients, not names. Obtain client’s permission to use details of their balances anonymously.

 Case Studies suggestions:

  1. Background information relating to the request for a balance.
  2. Record  goals /desired outcomes. Evaluate goals using pre-tests. 
  3.  Client’s awareness of change . Their learning/ insights from the sessions.  If in doubt, ask.
  4. Self observations about the client.
  5. Patterns emerging through the sessions.
  6. Self learning as a consultant from the sessions.
  7. Other relevant observations.
  8. Maintenance recommended – how does it relate to the goal?
  9. Time between sessions.
  10. How long changes made by the client lasted.