Matthew Thie is teaching TFH Metaphors in New Zealand

TFH Metaphor Workshops
10-13 March 2018 

  • Special pre-pay for both courses (4 days) $800    Save $100
  •      Profound methods to identify & correct causes of imbalance.
  •      Metaphors – a powerful way to explore any presenting issue.
  • TFH Instructors attending or repeating and updating in both courses will qualify to teach TFH Metaphor and Goal Setting class.
  • Both courses are now mandatory training for Touch for Health Consultant and Touch For Health Kinesiology Practitioner.
  • The courses will be held on Waiheke Island. Discounted Accommodation is available at the teaching venue on Waiheke Island. Complimentary transfers to and from the ferry..

Matthew has worked closely with his father John Thie, the founder of Touch for Health, teaching TFH and Metaphors and co-authoring both Touch for Health Complete and the TFH Chinese 5 Element Metaphors Pocketbook

Matthew is keen to continue his father’s support of the growth of Touch for Health in New Zealand. 
At the TFH Faculty meeting in Germany this year, Matthew agreed that he would make a special trip to New Zealand to teach both TFH Metaphor workshops which are not currently taught in New Zealand.

Both Metaphor courses are now part of the TFH Consultant and Registered Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner training.

Touch for Health Metaphors and Goal Setting >> See details

Touch for Health Metaphor Training Workshop>> see details

Matthew is offering a Super-Special for those attending the two courses for the first time.

March 10-11 Touch for Health Metaphors and Goal setting.>> See details
Pre-requisite: TFH level 1

March 12-13 Metaphor Training Workshop >> see details
Pre- requisite TFH Metaphors and Goal Setting.
This will qualify existing TFH Instructors to teach Metaphor and Goal Setting.

Special pre-pay for both courses (4 days) $800    Save $100      Normal price $450 each course
Repeaters for both courses $575

Queries or to register for courses and consultations  Contact Catherine North  

Catherine Email:    Phone:  09 372 4166    Mobile: 0278607788

Click here >> See Video of John Thie  performing a Touch for Health 14 muscle Metaphor balance.

Touch for Health is for family members and professionals wishing to extend their skills.  Using Kinesiology, the science of muscle testing, Touch for Health identifies energy imbalances in the body organs, acupuncture meridians, emotions and nutrition.

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