Certified Courses in Kinesiology, Colour and Energy Healing

You will have hands on experience in all Academy of Healing Arts Certified Courses, as they are designed to be practical and easy to learn, with manuals and workbooks provided.

All courses lead to becoming a NZ Registered Natural Therapies Practitioner and a Certified Energy Kinesiologist.

You will experience personal healing for yourself in each class. For each technique taught you will receive a treatment as well as putting that technique into practise. You will receive many personal treatments while you learn how to help others.

In fact students leave the courses more energised than when they arrived!

The Academy Courses will teach you many energy healing techniques, treating all levels of your being. Use your hands and/or colour to balance and harmonise your physical body, calm your mind and emotions, connect to your purpose in life and heal your spirit .

The Academy Courses are for you if you are…

  • interested in self healing
  • wanting well-being for yourself, your family and friends
  • wanting to create a career in Natural Therapies
  • an existing Health Practitioner wishing to extend your skills
  • an existing Beauty / Massage Therapist wishing to offer more wellness to your clients
  • seeking recognised NZ qualifications in the fields of kinesiology , energy healing or colour therapy

Book now and reserve your place in any of the courses.

Contact your local teacher for details or other possible dates.

The Academy of Healing Arts  has a structured training program bringing students through to become consultants and/or teachers in Colour Therapy and Kinesiology. The organisation provides an umbrella under which Consultants and Teachers of Soul Power Kinesiology,  Colour for Life (colour therapy) and Touch for Health Kinesiology can practice. Catherine North and her husband John established the Academy of Healing Arts as a training facility.

Now set on Waiheke Island,the Academy operates as a training organisation for all levels of natural therapy.

Catherine, since 1985, has taught classes at many venues around New Zealand and overseas.

Kuaka  (The Godwit)  flies heroic distances, towards the light, using magnetic fields and collective consciousness, assisted by the group formations, symbolic of the Academy’s teachings.

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