Personal Attunement for Energy Healing     Taken from Soul Power Kinesiology teachings
When working on another person with energy healing, you are the channel for the healing energy.
You are not the healer. You may not feel anything happening but know without a doubt what is needed is being received. All healing is self healing.

The outcome of the Healing session is between that person and their God.  Let go of the desire to “make it better”.  We cannot know the greater plan for that individual. Trust the process.

Most dis-ease originates in the Emotional/Astral Body as a result of negative thoughts and attitudes.  You are working to help ease any pain and suffering caused by these attitudes, by communicating with the person’s innate wisdom they may release some – or all – of these limitations thereby allowing the Life force to flow freely through their body to heal and energise.

Align with Divine Intelligence, relax and let the Healing Rays flow through you.
Before you start you will want to look after yourself by working with the Light to Protect, Clear and Focus your own energies.

In your mind picture your whole body immersed in a glowing bubble of radiant White Light – feel it wash all through and around you and your client.
The effect of this exercise is to set up the initial connection with your subconscious intelligence.

White Light is the purest thought that any person may hold and it has a most soothing effect on disturbed emotions.

You can use any affirmation you are comfortable with.  The Lord Prayer is  very powerful.

Affirmation    (Catherine Ponder):  

I clothe myself in a Robe of Light

Composed of the Love, Power and Wisdom of God;

Not only for my own protection

But so that all those who see it and come into contact with it

Are drawn to God and healed.

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