Chakra Light Essences

Chakras can be seen as bands of colour in the aura, completely surrounding the body or as whirling vortexes, with counterparts in the front and back of the body.The chakras are energy centres allowing energy to flow into and out of the aura and body. Through them we metabolise energy from the universal field and the consciousness associated with that vibrational field.

Chakra Lights are designed to help awaken your chakras so that they are functioning well. Overall mental and emotional health is strongly influenced by chakra activity and alignment.

When a chakra is fully awakened, your consciousness attunes to and integrates the spiritual aspects associated with that chakra on all levels of your being.
The health, vitality and energy of our physical bodies is very dependent on our emotional balance, mental attitudes and spiritual consciousness.
Colour vitalises all of these aspects of our Being. (Read more on chakra colours and their meanings)

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