Yellow Unicorn Essence

Yellow Unicorn Essence

In understanding the meanings of colour, and applying the correct remedy colour, we can access our innate healing energy response beyond the conscious mind.

Yellow brings sunlight into a situation, or the individual’s energy field, mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. As we let go, fear is dispersed, trust evolves and in letting go, we connect to the wisdom of all time, the wisdom of the universe. Yellow is knowledge, joy, intellectual fulfilment. Clarity of mind, mental aspiration, and intellectual clarity. Awareness and insights, personal power and self confidence.

Colour Yellow

The lesson meanings of colour yellow is anxiety, fear, nervousness, mental distress, nervous tension, mental confusion, nervous depression.

Physically yellow assists nerve conditions, digestive organs – stomach, gall bladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas,- lymphatic system, skin problems, hormonal balancing.

Did you know Academy of Healing Arts teaches colour healing over 6 days,  in 2 day modules called “Colour for Life”? Check the training calendar for dates.

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