Wellness Kinesiology Stress Release and Nutritional Courses

Wayne Topping (UK)

Jan 22-26 Stress Release
Jan 28-31 Nutritional Testing & Allergies

Courses held on Waiheke Island
Discounted accommodation at venue


 Catherine North   Phone:  09 372 4166 
 Mobile  027 860 7788      Email:  catherine@aha.org.nz


Stress Release courses Wayne Topping (UK)

Download details>> 2018 Wayne topping courses

Advanced Stress Release techniques. Very powerful to use in today’s world.
For those who use Emotional Stress Release in their clinic,  for more profound results.

NOTE:            Touch for Health Instructors can train to teach Stress Release 1-4.
                        Pre-requisite: Stress Release 1-4,  then 5 day Stress Release Instructor Training

Stress Release 1 Mon 22 Jan 2018          $210
Stress Release 2 Tues 23 Jan 2018         $210 
Stress Release 3 Wed 24 Jan 2018          $210
Stress Release 4 Thurs-Fri 25-26 Jan      $420 

Nutritional Courses Wayne Topping (UK)  

Nutritional Testing and Allergies are now required topics for  Registered TFH Kinesiology Practitioner qualification. 

Download full details of Wayne’s courses >

Nutritional Testing   Sunday-Monday 28-29 January 2018    $420 
Gain confidence using these Kinesiology procedures to identify nutrition that will maintain good health. See more>

Allergies   Tuesday–Wednesday 30-31 January 2018      $420 
Profound Kinesiology techniques to identify and clear allergies. Learn to identify and know the difference between Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities.

Nutritional Testing and Allergies Instructor Training     Thursday–Friday 1-2 February 2018   $390
PreRequisite:     Touch for Health Instructor
                           Attend Nutritional testing and Allergies courses twice
                           Prior Learning in nutrition and working knowledge of nutrition.

Touch for Health is for family members and professionals wishing to extend their skills.  Using Kinesiology, the science of muscle testing, Touch for Health identifies energy imbalances in the body organs, acupuncture meridians, emotions and nutrition.

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