Revealed Master Hilarion – Indigo/Pale Violet


Influences chakra alignment, to encourage Spiritual Awareness.


Key Notes

Influences chakra alignment, to encourage Spiritual Awareness.
Opening ones self to other levels of existence.
Helps attune one to our Stella Origins.
Philosophical concepts.
Innate wisdom.
An all round view, far seeing.
Inner attunement.
Development of psychic abilities.
Intuitive attunement.
Spiritual growth and deeper understanding.
Stimulates seventh (crown) chakra.
Raises one’s greater spiritual awareness.
Transformation so that spiritual and physical are in harmony.

Chakra Consciousness

Third Eye Chakra 6 – Indigo: 3rd Eye/Brow Chakra Consciousness
Mental clarity allows Divine Reasoning to merge with our thought processes.
Powers of positive thinking. Visualization and imagination.
The ability to meditate. To still the conscious mind.  
Intuitive perception, clairvoyant vision, inner awareness, instant knowing.
Receiving  guidance in dreams, waking visions, signs and symbols.

Crown Chakra 7 – Violet: Crown Chakra Consciousness
Living in the present moment mysteries will become clear.
Our spirit becomes stronger than our body and our body can respond to the commands of our spirit.  
Being open to ideas and creative inspiration.
To clear the mind of thoughts and attune to Source.
Remaining detached emotionally, to attune to higher levels.

Suggested Application : 2x daily

Unicorn Essences are massaged on to the body, working on cellular memory. Apply around forehead area and hairline. Follow your intuition.

Shake the bottle vigorously until an emulsion is formed. Apply to the body in the chakra location as instructed by your Therapist or where you intuitively feel your body can most benefit. Or sprinkle a few drops in the bath and soak for 20 minutes.
N. B. During your use of the bottle, the colour or clarity of the oils often changes. This can indicate detoxification. As you improve in health, the oils will clear again.

Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 15 × 45 × 65 mm

Mist Spray, Roll On